About Us

What Is Our Purpose? 

To provide an opportunity for those who are experiencing problems in their life or who are facing difficulties in sharing their feelings with someone who will listen and understand. We do not give advice. Through skilled counselling, we seek to enable you to find resources to work through your problems and ease mental stress and find a fuller, more satisfying life. 

What Is Our Basis? 

OCCS is a part of the Christian Church's response to the needs of people in the community. The church has always had a pastoral ministry. OCCS seeks to support and encourage this work and compliment the vital role of ministers and caring Christians in the local church. OCCS is a member of the Association of Christian Counsellors. We follow the ACC Code of Ethics and Practice. 

Who are the Counsellors? 

Counselling is carried out by one of a team of trained counsellors. From time to time we have counsellors in training who are in their last 6 months before full qualification. These students have competence to practice verification from their college. All abide by the ACC code of ethics and practice. All are individual members of the ACC or other professional counselling bodies. The counsellors are Christians who are chosen and acknowledged for their gifts and experience. Confidentiality will at all times be ensured. 

Data Privacy Compliance

We have adopted the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements effective 25th May 2018.

What is the Cost? 

The running costs for providing counselling work out to £15 per hour. All our counsellors work on a voluntary basis. It is our desire that no one be denied counselling because of the cost, therefore we are maintained by freewill gifts and donations. We invite you to make a contribution towards the cost.

Some of the team on a recent quiet day.